What is Settlement Counsel?

Businesses, corporations, and law firms are often involved in legal disputes. Sometimes, these disputes can be resolved through settlement negotiation and mediation. However, in other cases, the parties may need to go to trial.

A settlement counsel is a lawyer who represents a party in settlement negotiations. The role of settlement counsel is to advocate for their client's best interests and to reach an acceptable resolution for both parties. 

Settlement counsel may be involved in a wide variety of disputes, including contract disputes, personal injury claims, and class action lawsuits. In some cases, settlement counsel may also be involved in mediating or arbitrating a dispute.

While the role of settlement counsel can be important in resolving a legal dispute, it is important to note that settlement counsel is different from trial counsel. A trial counsel is a lawyer who represents a party at trial. Trial counsel focuses on presenting the case to a judge or jury and arguing for a favorable outcome.

Why hire settlement counsel?

There are many reasons why you might want to hire a settlement counsel. First, settlement counsel can help save you time and money by avoiding the need for a trial. Trials can be costly and time-consuming, so resolving a dispute through a settlement can be much more efficient.

Second, settlement counsel can help protect your interests. The role of settlement counsel is to advocate for you and try to reach an acceptable resolution for both parties. This means that settlement counsel will be looking out for your best interests and will try to negotiate the best possible outcome for you.

Third, settlement counsel can help preserve relationships. In some cases, going to trial can damage relationships between the parties. If you have a good relationship with the other party, it may be worth trying to settle the dispute through mediation or arbitration instead of going to trial.

Fourth, settlement counsel can provide valuable advice. Settlement counsel is experienced in negotiation and mediation, so they can offer valuable insights and advice during the settlement process. 

Litigation law firms who hire a settlement counsel can often maintain laser focus and a high win rate at trial. This is because they are not distracted by the settlement process and can devote all of their time and resources to preparing for trial.

What types of fee arrangements can be made?

The fee arrangement for settlement counsel will vary depending on the nature of the dispute and the amount of work involved. In some cases, settlement counsel may work on a contingency basis, which means they will only be paid if they are successful in resolving the dispute.

In other cases, settlement counsel may work on an hourly basis. This means that they will bill you for their time spent working on the case, regardless of whether or not they are successful in resolving the dispute. 

If you are involved in a legal dispute, contact us today to learn more about how we can help. Our experienced settlement counsel can provide valuable insights and advice during the settlement process. We will work tirelessly to advocate for your best interests and try to reach an acceptable resolution for both parties.

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Disclaimer: The information provided on this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. Every case or situation is unique, and you should consult with a licensed attorney before taking any action. No attorney-client relationship is formed by downloading or reading this article.

Posted February 02, 2023

What is Settlement Counsel?
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