Appellate Litigation

Athan serves as appellate counsel or consults on civil appeals in Washington state and federal courts, including the Washington State Supreme Court, Courts of Appeals (Division I, II, and III), and the United States Courts of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit. Athan also advises on interlocutory appeals, motions for discretionary review, and/or motions for direct review.

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Associating with trial counsel

Trial counsel associate with Athan to help with motions’ practice, including:

Appellate Litigation


Washington Appellate News

Oakley v. Domino's Pizza LLC
Oakley v. Domino's Pizza LLC , 23 Wn. App. 2d 218, 222, 516 P.3d 1237 (2022) (Div. I), review denied , 200 Wn.2d 1028, 523 P.3d 1188 (Feb. 8, 2023) (concluding that the arbitration agreement's class Read Article

King Cnty. v. Sorensen
King Cnty. v. Sorensen , 200 Wn.2d 252, 264, 516 P.3d 388 (2022) (dismissing King County's petition for a writ of a mandamus to compel a trial court judge to turn over court reporters' backup Read Article

Schwartz v. King Cnty.
Schwartz v. King Cnty. , 200 Wn.2d 231, 245, 516 P.3d 360 (2022) (reversing summary judgment because Schwartz has presented evidence showing a genuine issue of material fact as to whether the bollard Read Article

Elgiadi v. Washington State Univ. Spokane
Elgiadi v. Washington State Univ. Spokane , 24 Wn.App.2d 261, 263, 519 P.3d 939 (2022) (Div. III), review denied sub nom. Elgiadi v. Washington State Univ. , 1 Wn.2d 1002, 526 P.3d 844 (Apr. 5, 2023 Read Article

Service Employees International Union Local 925 v. Department of Early Learning
Service Employees International Union Local 925 v. Department of Early Learning , 194 Wn.2d 546, 553, 450 P.3d 1181 (2019) (holding that submitting a PRA request does not create a constitutionally Read Article

Kiemle & Hagood Co. v. Daniels
Kiemle Hagood Co. v. Daniels , -- Wn.App -- at *33 (Case No. 38918-9) (April 27, 2023) (Div. III) (finding that trial court prematurely issued final judgment in favor of the landlord after granting Read Article

Eylander v. Prologis
Eylander v. Prologis , 22 Wn. App. 2d 773, 774, 513 P.3d 834 (Div. I) (2022), review granted (December 7, 2022), 200 Wn.2d 1016, 520 P.3d 961 (holding that a landowner satisfies a duty to main Read Article

State v. Conaway
State v. Conaway , 199 Wn.2d 742, 748, 512 P.3d 526 (2022) (holding that a defendant's prior guilty plea to indecent exposure was sufficient to establish that he was previously convicted of that crime Read Article

Matter of EM Prop. Holdings, LLC
Matter of EM Prop. Holdings, LLC, 199 Wn.2d 725, 727, 511 P.3d 1258 (2022) (holding that (1) RCW 60.04.226 applies only in the construction context, (2) common law requires optional future advances to Read Article

Jeoung Lee v. Evergreen Hospital
Jeoung Lee v. Evergreen Hosp. Med. Ctr., 195 Wn.2d 699, 705, 464 P.3d 209 (2020) (holding that employer waives right to enforce arbitration agreement by litigating instead of arbitrating). Slip Read Article

State v. Dennington
State v. Dennington , 12 Wn. App. 2d 845, 858, 460 P.3d 643 (Div. I) (2020) (upholding the right to provide a mitigation statement under RCW 7.21.050(1) when a defendant is summarily charged with Read Article

Washington State Department v. Mullen Trucking
Washington State Dep't of Transp. v. Mullen Trucking 2005, Ltd., 194 Wn.2d 526, 536, 451 P.3d 312 (Div. I) (2019) (holding that Washington's comparative fault statutes do not allow liability to attach Read Article

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